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Jindui 張子越



Zhang Ziyue, creative copywriter, joined Rise Design in 2019, in charge of cooperating with the design director to write the pre-brand strategy and propaganda essay. He is good at describing brand stories and cultural backgrounds with lively words, and uses the language of prose poems to express the gentle and resonating theme in the core of brand culture. He loves all the things that are agile, and approaches the colorful soul with an easy-going natural attitude."Creativity requires not only industry experience, but also a new thought of temperament. We are in a time of great change, only by advancing with the times and constantly absorbing new life in change, we can keep young and energetic forever." He sees what he has done. "I would like to have the greatest goodwill to the world and to give my creative career with diligence, concentration and warmth." This is his dream.

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